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2023 song booklet

Not hungry

End hunger worldwide, ensure healthy nutrition for all, promote sustainable agriculture!

Menschheit ohne Hunger
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Contributors to the song

Music:    Nicolás Suárez

Text:       Julio Kempff

Choir:      Coral Infantil Municipal Voces del Cielo

SDG 2 Global Social

Cancion: Hambre Cero

Letra: Julio Kempf

Music: Nicolás Suárez Eyzaguirre

Coro: Coral Infantil Municipal Voces del Cielo

Director Photography: Gabriel Rocha

2023 song booklet 2 2

Center for Community Assistance

Center for Community Assistance – Plataforma

Around 100,000 people live in Bario Los Lotos, one of the poorest districts on the edge of Santa Cruz at the transition to the Chaco Desert. It's very dusty there, the wind blows in from the desert. There are no trees, no bushes, just great heat.

Plataforma is, among other things, a daycare center where children can be accommodated free of charge. They are mainly migrant children of people from Haiti or Venezuela. Better said - a social platform with evening school, meeting place,  Adult education, soup kitchen, sports clubs, computer center…


We, the Children and Youth Committee, represent the interests of children and young people from Saalfeld.

At our meetings we discuss the city's current issues and advocate for children's rights worldwide.

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