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No poverty

No poverty

End poverty in all its forms and everywhere, ensure access to resources for all!

Das Lied der Armut
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Contributors to the song

Music:                       Thomas Unruh

Idea and text:           Stephan Bruckmeier

Choreography:         Hope Theater Nairobi

SDG 1 Global Social

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Song of Poverty
About the creation of the song

It's not easy to write a song about poverty, because of course everyone will agree that poverty is bad. So we wanted to find an idea that would make the song drastic and dramatic without being too didactic. The members of Hope Theater Nairobi know a lot about poverty and grew up in slums, but they still found a way to survive with vision and luck. What they say about poverty may be different than what people in big offices with relief conditions mean, but it is the truth of those who deal with it. Dancing and acting gives them the opportunity to survive and the chance to communicate and interact with people around the world.

The concept of the German song is to use words as nouns, adjectives or adverbs that rhyme perfectly with each other but definitely do not agree. For the English translation there was the option to translate either the rhyme or the content of the words and of course I chose the second option because that is the important part, that for example to safe the bees does not match landmines. In the German language it's Bee and Tellermine - a perfect rhyme, but definitely a wrong combination...!

Stephan Bruckmeier

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