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Song brochure 8

health and well-being

Healthy living for everyone, education about health care!

Auch Ich
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Contributors to the song

Music:                 Nicolás Suárez E.

Text:                    Nicolas Suárez E.

Translation:      Wolfgang Schoop

Singer:             Carla Galzin

Choir leader:           Maestro Mateo Barriendos     

SDG 3 Global Social

Yo también

Nicolás Suárez Eyzaguine

Carla Galzin

Photography: Gabriel Rocha

Song brochure 9

Examples of successful networking for SDG 3 (health and well-being and thus social participation) in Santa Cruz de la Sierra Bolivia

Fusindo – Home for children with Down Syndrome

The aim of the association is to promote integration into social life. 130 to 150 children and young adults are looked after there every day.

Swimming courses for street children are also offered in the home's swimming pool, and swimming therapy for health and well-being as well as first aid courses are carried out by the volunteer fire department.

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