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Im Barrio Juvenil
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Contributors to the song

Music:              Eddy Gualberto Bailaba Chamo music therapist Hogar Maria Jacinta girls' home

Text:                Jaspal Hegenberg                   

Vocals:           Hogar Maria Jacinta  

Choir director:       Eddy Gualberto Bailaba Chamo

Production:     Eddy Gualberto Bailaba Chamo

SDG 9 Global Social

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About the project partners and the creation of the song

The song is in collaboration with  the Barrio Juvenil youth district and the Saalfeld confirmation group, which later passed on to the 17th Children's & Youth travel group to Bolivia from the Saalfeld-Samaipata e.V. association was created.

The Saalfeld-Samaipata e.V. association (, in addition to various street children's projects in Bolivia, is responsible for the expansion and maintenance of the “Barrio Juvenil” youth district of the Salesians Don Bosco and the Pro Niño Abandonado association in Santa Cruz. (

Through donations, houses and workshops (carpentry, bakery) were built here, where older young people can live and learn a trade, thereby laying the foundation for a secure future.

At the same time, we want to give young people from Saalfeld the opportunity to get to know Bolivia's culture and home life themselves and to be able to better empathize with the people there. This often creates friendships between the two cultures that last long after the trip.

The youth tour group from Saalfeld took the song to Bolivia and expanded it to include the topic of bakery and gastronomy training.

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