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Fewer inequalities

Reduce inequalities within and between countries and promote developing countries!

Wir wollen leben!
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Contributors to the song

Composition Music:   Tatevik Tigrani Mkrtchyaevs

Text:                           Gurgen Baghdasaryan

Vocals:                      Children of the MilaGri Foundation's inclusion project

Musician:                     Shunch Vocal Studio students

Pianist:                     Iveta Avanesyan

Production:                 Shunch Vocal Studio

SDG 10 Global Social


Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) and the creation and significance of the song

A few years ago, an inclusive kindergarten was founded in Stepanarkert in the Caucasus. Such an event happens quite often somewhere in the world. This kindergarten, however, is special because the city in which it was founded is in a country that officially does not exist - Artsakh, or better known as Nagorno-Karabakh.  It is difficult for the large aid organizations to get involved there. And so the inclusive kindergarten was initially founded and maintained exclusively on one's own initiative.

The problems were huge: no funds were available and a suitable building for the children with disabilities was not affordable. A suitable property was found in 2019. With the financial support of GlobalSocial-network (GS-n), the dilapidated house was slowly transformed into a place where the children found a place to stay.

The war came at the end of September 2020. The kindergarten was one of the first buildings hit and destroyed by the bombs. But the initiators didn't give up, they continued the project in the backyard of a small café. 

This situation continued even during the time the song was written. The markets are empty. Gas, electricity, water, internet – everything is largely cut off. Even the international aid organizations that want to come to the aid of the starving people were denied access. 

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