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Affordable and clean energy

Promote renewable energy, ensure access to clean energy for everyone!

Zusammen sind wir stark
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Contributors to the song

Music:               Jonas Claßen


Valentine Streng   (German part)

Emily Born            (Spanish part)

Vocals:      Emily Born, Simon Magin, Samuel Prauka, Jonas Claßen

Production:            Studio Hendrik Püschel

Song SDG 7 Global Social

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About the collaboration of the project partners

Samaipata, a town with around 8,000 inhabitants, has been a twin town of Saalfeld since 1996. The Erasmus-Reinhold-Gymnasium in Saalfeld maintains a school partnership with the “Florida” high school in Samaipata, near Santa Cruz, that has lasted over 20 years.

As part of this partnership, the Erasmus-Reinhold-Gymnasium supports the “Florida” high school through various aid campaigns. For example, the proceeds from the annual benefit concert organized by the Saalfeld High School at Christmas were used to expand and improve and purchase teaching materials at the “Florida” High School.

As a UNESCO school, the ERG worked on the topic of renewable energies with various small groups - and then had a direct exchange with four students on a trip to the partner school. The UNESCO song was written by music teacher Jonas Claßen and later expanded by former ERG student Emily Born to support SDG Goal 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy). Emily is currently working as a volunteer in Bolivia and is committed to renewable energy projects locally.

The Global Social Network association has taken up this work and integrated the resulting findings into projects in Brazil. These projects are implemented in the Sustainability Center, where natural building materials are used and special attention is paid to renewable energies such as solar energy and biogas.

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