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Clean water and sanitation

Clean water and sanitation for everyone, free access to drinking water!

Water Song / Wasserlied
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Contributors to the song

Text:                           Shambo          

Music:                         Biswajit Dutta

Singers:              Abhinava Mukherjee

                                   Aditya Singha

Drums:                Moitrish Chaki

Tabla:                          Sudip Chatterjee

Videography:                Ahat Mondol

Video producer:         Kaushik Banerjee        

SDG 6 Global Social

Ruhige See

Texte von Kindern gelesen
aus der Broschüre -Water-

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About the concept of the lyrics

It's often difficult to understand a problem up close... Painters take a few steps back from their canvas to take a look at the bigger picture. This song takes a similar approach...

It transports us away - away from the earth to contemplate the universal picture. We immediately understand how unique our planet is. The song begins with a question: Where else is there a planet with water dripping from the sky?

The song has two very different shades - as seen in the video. It starts with the green of the earth, but the hue becomes darker when we talk about an earth where there is no or very little usable water.

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