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Gender equality

Ensuring gender equality, promoting opportunities for women and empowering all women and girls for self-determination!

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Contributors to the song:

Idea:   Michael Rischer, Elephant Studio Kampala

Producer and sound design:            Malik Make,

Singers / Voices:    Keira Jjemba and Kayanga Lilian

SDG 5 Global Social

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A simple solution to a global problem

Menstrual hygiene: Afreepads - washable pads for freedom and education

A problem faced by young girls and teachers is that they do not attend school during their menstruation because there is a lack of hygiene products or they are too expensive. In the long run, this leads to them missing a lot of teaching material and thus their performance declines. Compared to boys, they have a significant educational deficit and therefore less good future prospects.

 “Afripad” is actually A-FREE pad. It consists of four washable, reusable pads, which provides a girl with the hygiene product for a whole year. This means she can attend classes without interruption and receives the same educational opportunities.

An “Afreepad” costs $5, so depending on your intentions and budget, you can decide how many girls you want to help fully attend classes.

The aim of GlobalSocial-network is to provide further help to finance “Afreepads”. In addition, the idea and model should be made known and transferred to other countries with similar problems.

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