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Quality education

Ensure high-quality, inclusive and equal education for all and enable lifelong learning!

Ich werde tanzen
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Contributors to the song

Music and lyrics:                           MarLía

Music and Lyrics Assistant:            Madee Thomas

Lead Guitar/Bass/Vocals:           MarLía

Rhythm/Vocals:                       Madee Thomas

Percussion:                                   Bongo Bob

Based on an idea from students of the dance group “Dance For Life” at the Jose de la Cruz Mena school, Granada, Nicaragua

SDG 4 Global Social

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So that the children feel the music in their hearts, the rhythm in their feet and a passion for their lives.

Even though education is compulsory in Nicaragua, many parents do not send their children to school but to the city to work. They often need the money to buy essentials - rice, beans and gas to boil water from the river.

Many of these children go to school despite their difficult situation. Because they know that education is their only way to a different life.

Great importance of the dance project for SDG goal 4 “Quality education” in a country where leisure activities are not part of the everyday life of the average student...

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