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The history of GlobalSocial-Network e.V.

Founded in 2018 on the initiative of Axel Brümmer.

The GlobalSocial Network e.V. association was founded in 2018 on the initiative of Axel Brümmer. During his travels around the world over 25 years, he became more aware of different cultures, their ways of life and living conditions. When he traveled the world again to research a new lecture, he realized that social problems are exacerbated by environmental destruction, and that environmental destruction is often caused by social problems. The destruction of the environment and its social consequences were now visible, from which children in particular suffer. But these problems can only be reduced in the long term and sustainably with children, as they have to protect the environment. He met many people locally who wanted to get involved in socially disadvantaged areas, but who lacked the means, the structure, the ideas or simply the courage. GlobalSocial Network was then founded as an umbrella organization for worldwide social projects. We provide a structure for the development and financial support of the ideas and projects of locally committed people. The local partners are encouraged to provide the children with education about their own culture and the cultures of other peoples so that they become aware of their own identity, but also recognize that we are all human and we can only shape a positive future together. Leisure activities take children out of their social hotspots and problems for certain periods of time. There are training courses and activities, such as reforestation of forests or mangroves, to protect the environment, which are intended to make children aware of the need to preserve and protect the ecosystems in which they live. Purely social projects are also supported or acute emergency assistance is provided if necessary. ​

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